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Decrease Depression and Anxiety with Our Holiday Special

As we head into December, everyone seems to feel joyful and excited about Christmas, the holidays, and the New Year.  It’s supposed to be a time of fun and celebration. However, with the holidays, shorter days, and colder weather, it’s not unusual to experience depression this time of year.  So what do you do when everyone around you is happy and you’re feeling down?

First, realize you’re not alone.  The “holiday blues” are a real phenomenon and experienced by more people than you realize.  Be kind to yourself.  Be aware that others feel this way too.  Take the time to read about some of the causes and remedies for these feelings.  Loneliness, memories of past meaningful holidays with family, and loss of loved ones are only a few of these causes. These feelings can have a long onset and build to the point of needing treatment. In a national survey, 40% of people with anxiety and depression found the holidays worsened their condition.

The good news is Acupuncture has demonstrated a positive effect on behavioral health and is now commonly used along with conventional mental health therapies. At Vital Changes, we offer the most effective Acupuncture treatments for holiday depression, stress and anxiety. In my practice I approach depression and anxiety using body and auricular (ear) acupuncture along with herbal therapy to rebalance and enhance the release of neurotransmitters, increasing mood and calming the nervous system.

To help you give the gift of health and wellness to those who mean the most to you this year, enjoy 20% off all Vital Changes gift certificates from now until January 31. Treat yourself as well, with a free 30-minute Graston Technique or massage session, when you refer a friend during this time. Call Diane today at 619-808-1099 today to schedule an appointment and take advantage of this holiday special.