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Auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncture

Auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncture

Auriculotherapy Can Help You Achieve Good Health

Auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncture is a healthcare modality whereby the ear is stimulated to treat a variety of conditions. It is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and has been studied extensively in Europe. As a Western medicine approach, Auriculotherapy was developed by French physician Dr. Paul Nogier in the 20th Century. Its roots, however, go back 2500 years but merely to bloodletting and ear cauterization. Today this method uses ear seeds, needles, electrostimulation and more. It is used by practitioners for pain, functional disorders and addiction.

In 1956 the first ear chart was published establishing a road map for practitioners today. All the features of the body are represented in the ear as an inverted fetus. In total there are over 200 points.

One of Diane’s special interests is Auriculotherapy. She has attended multiple seminars given by Dr. Nogier’s son, Raphael, who is following in his father’s footsteps. Diane has incorporated this treatment method into her Acupuncture practice. Call today for an appointment at 619-808-1099 and experience this Alternative Medicine approach to GOOD HEALTH.