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Vital Changes Reopening

Vital Changes Re-opening

Announcement of Vital Changes Reopening Following Pandemic

To my clients and friends,

I hope you are all doing well and keeping healthy during these stressful and uncertain times. With strict adherence to CDC and CA state guidelines, I am now open and seeing patients. I am spacing patients to allow time to thoroughly clean between clients. Patients are screened and I am not seeing or treating patients who have had COVID-19 symptoms, respiratory illness or been exposed to anyone who has.

During these times of stress and uncertainty, having a healthy immune system is first and foremost. Wearing a mask and social distancing further protect you, however, they should not be used as the main vehicle to protect yourself. Everyone can benefit by increasing practices to boost immunity, for instance, a healthy diet, exercise, plenty of sleep, as well as acupuncture, herbs and supplementation. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to regulate immunity and to balance and strengthen the body. The following article explains how acupuncture keeps our bodies functioning properly: READ HERE

Acupuncture can also effectively treat stress and anxiety from weeks of isolation and lack of social contact.

I hope to see you soon!

If you don’t feel comfortable with an in person appointment in my clinic, consider a virtual session through Skype or Zoom for advice on increasing immunity and/or any other ailment you may be experiencing.

Stay healthy and safe, I’m here for you!