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Acupuncture for Post-COVID Syndrome: A Holistic Approach to Recovery

Acupuncture for Post-COVID Syndrome: A Holistic Approach to Recovery

We still have challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many individuals have developed a condition called Post COVID syndrome. Symptoms include extreme fatigue, joint pain, shortness of breath, brain fog and more. In addition, some individuals have reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine.  Symptoms of COVID-19 vaccine reactions include joint pain, vertigo, fatigue, brain fog and severe headaches. Quality of life can be seriously affected by both Post COVID and Post vaccine Syndrome. Symptoms can linger for months to years with causes generally unknown. Western medicine has little to offer these patients, however, acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements are promising alternatives.

The Benefits of Acupuncture for Post-COVID Syndrome

Acupuncture is an individualized approach tailoring treatment to the specific needs of each patient. It helps manage post COVID  and post vaccine symptoms  by increasing immunity, detoxifying the body and enhancing overall well-being. Additionally, acupuncture is well known for stress relief  and helping to calm the nervous system so patients can better cope and heal.  

Diane has vast experience treating both post COVID-19 and post COVID vaccine syndrome. Patients find relief in most cases.  

Call Diane today for a complementary phone evaluation if you or someone you know is dealing with one of  these conditions.    

“My first six COVID-19 vaccines agreed with me without a problem but on the seventh one, I experienced a painful reaction, which settled in my hips and legs. After serious agony for several days, I visited my acupuncturist, Diane Bousquin. She was able to clear all pain and I left her office with a new exuberance! “