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Acupuncture and Low Back and Hip Pain

Acupuncture and Low Back and Hip Pain

Alleviate Your Low Back and Hip Pain With Acupuncture

As an acupuncturist Diane sees many patients suffering from pain.

Do you, like many others, suffer from low back pain? It could be that achy feeling when you’ve been sitting for hours at your desk or computer. Or maybe you’ve had trauma to the spine, like a fall or accident. Arthritis, degenerative disc disease and osteoporosis may be conditions of the aging process. And scoliosis and spondylosis are other sources of low back and hip pain. Approximately 80% of adults will experience low back/hip pain during their lifetime. It is the single most significant cause of disability worldwide and one of the most common reasons for job absence. Additionally it’s the second most common reason patients see a healthcare practitioner. Fifty billion dollars is spent each year in the U.S. on diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

How can Diane help?

  1. Some patients want to alleviate the pain with drugs and/or surgery, but many prefer to cure the problem and live a pain free life. Western medicine fails at this point and acupuncture has a great advantage. Acupuncture can actually heal the muscles and nerves which are the root cause of the pain. Acupuncture, both body and auricular treat chronic and acute back pain, nerve pain, numbness, restricted movement, radiating pain and inflammation.
  2. Graston Technique uses metal instruments on the skin surface to treat scar tissue, fascial restrictions and restricted range of motion by getting deep into the tissue where adhered fibers are broken up to invoke change and restore function.
  3. MR4 Cold laser therapy uses a laser emitter placed over the area being treated. Wavelengths of light are used to treat pain, inflammation, heal tissue, reduce swelling and increase circulation.

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