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Manage Your Urinary Health with Acupuncture

Manage Your Urinary Health with Acupuncture

Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

• Painful urination
• Urinary urgency and frequency
• Pelvic or perineal pain
• Incontinence
• Blood in the urine (hematuria)
• Back pain related to kidney infection or stones

Are you aware that Acupuncture is a well-documented treatment for cystitis, prostatitis, incontinence, bladder and kidney infections, kidney stones, difficulty with urination and nephritis? These and other urinary tract problems are treated with medication and surgery in the Western medical community which help to treat the symptoms but not the underlying causes.

The Chinese believe that acupuncture works for kidney and bladder disorders by stimulating a series of channels called meridians that run in regular patterns throughout the urinary system. These channels are considered to transmit nutrition and electrical impulses to all tissues and to keep the organs working effectively. If there is an obstruction in the meridians that go through the urinary tract, the body becomes out of balance. Acupuncture works to rebalance and restore the whole body, including kidney and bladder function.

In Western medical terms, it is suggested that acupuncture elicits nervous system responses that exert a balancing effect on the nerves that control the kidney and bladder. In addition, acupuncture has been shown to positively influence the immune system and the emotions. These effects may also benefit individuals with urinary symptoms.

Call Diane Bousquin, L.Ac. at 619-808-1099 for an appointment if you experience any of these symptoms. It is worth trying acupuncture before using drugs or invasive procedures that may have harmful side effects. Acupuncture has no know adverse side effects.